Chris Bell is an Engineering Leader based in Brooklyn, NY and currently working as a CTO for hire.

I'm a full-stack engineer mostly using Elixir, NodeJS, React, and React Native to bring new products and services to life. More about me.

Notable things

  • EMPEX Conference: For the past 5 years I've been a co-organizer at the EMPEX conference in NYC where we host a one of a kind conference for the Elixir programming language in a Jazz club in SoHo.

  • ElixirTalk Podcast: I'm a co-host (alongside Desmond Bowe) on the popular ElixirTalk podcast, where we discuss application design and the state of the ecosystem. We've had some pretty incredible guests on over the years.

  • Speaking: I've given a few talks over the years, mostly about Elixir (unsuprisingly). My favorites are Selling Food with Elixir at Elixir Conf, 2016 and Shipping a Replacement Architecture in Elixir from EMPEX LA, 2018.

  • Front-end London: Way back in 2013 I co-founded a front-end meetup while at Made by Many in London, inventively named Front-end London. We even spun it out into a one day, single track conference called EpicFEL.


I'm available across this world-wide-web, like most people, on a few platforms.

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