Nice to meet you, I'm Chris 👋

I'm a British born Engineering Leader that's been in the US for the past 7 years, and live with my wife Dana in Brooklyn, NY (more specifically, in Brooklyn Heights).

I've been a software engineer for the past 10 years, starting life in digital marketing after getting a Computer Science degree. I quickly realized that marketing wasn't totally where I wanted to be, and after falling into the Lean Startup scene in London and becoming obsessed with the book by Eric Reis, I switched to a more product focussed role at Made by Many, where I learned to appreciate customer-centric product development techniques.

Working at Made by Many lead me to NYC, where I helped establish and help lead our NYC based office, ultimately working as Technical Director of a team of 4 engineers and growing the studio to 12 people. After Made by Many, I lead the engineering team at through Series A – C and helped re-platform to Elixir and React, growing the engineering team from 7 - 30.

After I did a stint as CTO at an early-stage Healthcare startup, Muru building a mobile app to help EMTs get access to life-saving, critical care information. Ultimately deciding that healthcare wasn't for me, I now consult as a CTO for hire while I explore some startup ideas of my own.

Technical Expertise

Throughout my career I've been lucky enough to really work across the full-stack; and while my focus has shifted over the last few years to be quite Elixir and backend dominated, I still love to build applications end-to-end.

Some technology I've used recently: Elixir, NodeJS, Ruby-on-Rails, React, React Native. I've worked on systems in AWS and Google Cloud.

Outside of work

Outside of things on a screen, I love to cycle, play squash, camp, hike and generally be outside. I'm also known to play the odd round of Fortnite.

About this site

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